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As a general contractor, EDINSA Contracting & Renovations, has extensive experience and knowledge in pre-construction services. Exceptional results start with an exceptional plan. Our goal is to ensure that our clients have every opportunity to achieve better than their desired results. One way we do this is through strict attention to detail during the planning phase by creating and maintaining an effective and aggressive schedule, managing costs, and performing to plan.


EDINSA’s pre-construction services focus on identifying and minimizing design, budget, and schedule variables before these have an opportunity to impede the progress of a project and inflate its cost during construction phases. Whether you are remodeling or have a total new building design, our preconstruction services ensure your project comes in on time and within budget. Furthermore, EDINSA Contracting & Renovations works with independent companies, as well as architects and design professionals, to determine project feasibility and establish budgetary guidelines. Utilizing the “real-time” field personnel experience, our estimators have proven EDINSA’s capacity to produce the most accurate project budget and scope in the region for both renovations and new building projects. The end result is a project outcome without surprises that meets or exceeds our client’s requirements and expectations, and that you can take to the bank.


With EDINSA Contracting & Renovations LLC, our clients have the added benefit of working with the same project team throughout the preconstruction and construction phases of the project in a seamless process from start to finish.

Preconstruction Services:

Create Detailed Project Plan

Creating a detailed project plan is the starting point of all succesful projects. We will seat down with our clients and discuss all possibilities there are to effectively plan for all costs associated with our client’s requests.

Conceptual & Schematic Estimates

After discussing our client’s needs, we seek for the viability of the project and establish a reliable conceptual budget.

Building Permits & Licenses

In this phase, EDINSA Contracting & Renovations, LLC makes sure all building permits and licenses are procured according to city’s regulations.

Construction Drawings

We have partnered with the best designers in the South Texas area to deliver maximum project management, quality, and craftsmanship at all phases of the construction project.

Scheduling and Phasing

We know time is money, therefore, with our in-house estimating team, we are able to develop a preliminary master schedule and identify from start and at each design review, key milestones that are essential to drive towards project completion in a timely efficient manner within budget. Our approach is collaborative, incorporating input from the client, architect, engineers, as well as subcontractors and suppliers. By engaging all project stakeholders, each team member becomes invested and accountable to the project milestones.

Site Plan and Site Evaluation

At this stage, we evaluate the site for the feasibility of the construction projects by identifying any apparent anomalies of the construction site.

Design and Engineering

Value Engineering is a systematic method for analyzing a project site to identify essential functions, design opportunities, and alternate methods to meet your project’s budget and schedule requirements. We work closely with our clients and project managers to provide value-managed site designs that respect our client’s intent and meet their time and cost requirements. It is the primary means by which the most economical methods for construction are determined and does not sacrifice the quality of construction; rather, it is an evaluation of the materials and methods of construction over their useful life.

Risk Analysis

Understanding every aspect of a project and effectively communicating potential risks with our trade contractors in preconstruction allows our team to create the best practices for a project in the early planning stages.

Bid Package Development

At this stage, we put together a complete bidding package for all trade specialties required for the project. We send bid invites and construction documents to our pre-qualified subcontractors to bid on their specific trade, so that we can have competitive pricing for the benefit of lowering the cost of the project.

Pre-bid Meetings

After we have send the bid invites to our subcontractors we hold meetings to explain the scope of work and specifications required for the project by communicating to our subs the owners’ wants, needs, and expectations as well as job conditions. We also make sure that our subs have all the information necessary to bid the project correctly and answer any concerns that they might have on the project.

Post-bid Meetings

At this point of the process, we call our tradesmen to line them up ahead of time and get ready to start construction. We also call them to verify that they bid the job correctly by asking them all that was included on their bid if it is not clearly stated. For last, we let them know if there were any changes related to their trade by the owner, and if so, ask them to resubmit a price change to their bid.


This is a unique technology that allows clients to visually “walk the halls” and “fly-over” their building design. With 3D Rendering, we can bring the design to life and can easily share unique features of the project or discuss elements like roof pitches or finishes in real-time.

Site Safety Plan

It is our highest priority to have a safety plan on all of our projects to maintain integrity in the construction phases. We value our tradesman greatly so the least we can do is have a plan that would greatly minimized any potential anomalies on the job site.

Equipment & Material Procurement

Our team ensures that state of the art equipment and top notch materials are used at all times to meet and most often exceed our customer’s high standards.

Subcontractor Prequalification and Input

EDINSA Contracting & Renovations requires all subcontractors to be pre-qualified before being awarded any of our jobs. All of our subcontractors must be skilled and professional so that we can deliver the best construction experience to our clients.


Consulting encompasses the ongoing processes, business decisions, and strategies between the owner and our design team to make assessments and recommendations necessary to make timely, informed and data-driven business decisions.

Constructability Reviews

After preliminary drawings are received by our team, we study the drawings carefully to make sure that what was being design is in the best interest for the owner. We check that everything is on the plans and red line any omissions or extras. We make sure that what is being designed complies with construction industries practice and propose any corrections to the designer. We evaluate for project proposals, materials, and target areas of concern.

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