New Construction

Want to build your dream construction project? Looking for contractors to build your property as you desire to have? Finding the right contractors may be a hard task for. Where to find the experienced contractors? Acquire the professional services of EDINSA Contracting and Renovations. Whether it is a commercial project or a small construction work, we are always well-equipped with the skills to make that successful. Let us know what your requirements are and our team of professionals will materialize your vision into an elegant new construction.

We Have Everything Covered

We have been in the construction business for the last 9 years and have collaborated with our dedicated customers on many commercial and residential projects. From pre-construction to finishing, we take responsibility for each and everything. You no longer need to worry about the work details and quality of work. Our team will assure that the new construction proceeds as you wish. Whether it is about design or construction, we always deal with professionalism.


How We Construct

Site inspection

Not all the areas are same when it comes to construction. There are many factors that need to be addressed before starting the construction. You cannot risk a commercial project just because of improper site knowledge. The same goes for residential projects. You cannot prepare the design and give it a go without site inspection. Our team of professionals will visit the site to analyze all the factors necessary for high-quality construction. Assurance of safety, risk assessment, ventilation parameters, and many other factors will be properly assessed by our team.


Design is the index of construction. We make sure that your property design is elegant and modern by all means. Whether it is a commercial building or a residential one, it should be well-ventilated. Our experience enables us to meet the modern standards of designing. Our team will discuss the details with you to ensure that the final design meets your demands.

Foundation and Framing

We always aspire to make solid foundations. Whether it is slab construction or poured wall construction, we have the expertise to ensure firm foundations. Our inspection team will conduct regular inspections to ensure quality and strength foundations. Our foundation- laying process covers all the aspects of a solid foundation. We then proceed with the framing of the building to bring the construction into shape. Our tradesmen will frame and install windows and doors to ensure that your building gets an elegant finishing.


Once all the stuff is done, there comes the phase where most of the customers are too picky. For the finishing, we discuss all the details with our clients to make sure that not even a single detail remains uncovered. Our experienced workmanship will install the floors, ceilings and walls to perfection.

Let’s Build Together! 

EDINSA Contracting and Renovations would love to add you to its dedicated customer base. Let us know what you demand and our construction experts will make that happen for you.

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