Manage all aspects of construction with our client’s interests in mind

We take our client through each step of the construction process to give them an overview of the required details.



Quality Control




Cost Control

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Meet Deadlines



For clients wanting to be highly involved in the design phase and have a GC build their projects.

Agency CM

Advice and management oversight when owner subcontracts all trades and needs a company to manage them.


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EDINSA’s Management

Services group was established for customers that require cost-effective, flexible staffing. Our headquarters-based team provides project management, engineering, accounting, and other services in support of multiple simultaneous projects. The Management Services group focuses on services where traditional staffing.

Approaches are not responsive

To projects known and unknown variables throughout construction phases. In many cases, project management, engineering and accounting processes can be shared across multiple projects. This flexible staffing capability cost effectively gives clients our cutting edge services suited to meet their unique needs.


EDINSA Contracting

Renovations Management Services provides a full range of construction management services, as well as offering al a carte preconstruction services, design/build and small project management. EDINSA also offers clients the flexibility to make highly-focused service choices, so you’ll get exactly the support you need.


We help project owners

Throughout the entire master planning effort to control aesthetics, schedule and costs. We will customize a team of our staff architects, engineers and construction experts to respond to your specific project challenges, assisting you in developing a clear and concise scope, budget and schedule. In the case of public agencies, certain due diligence activities are often required before a project can proceed.

We have a depth of

Experience in the public sector enabling us to act as an extension of your staff and expedite documentation for any regulatory submission. We are well-versed in the procurement of design services. As the project progresses, we will supplement your staff to publish Requests for Qualifications or Requests for Proposals ensuring clear, thorough and digestible responses by proficient organizations.

Project Management

All the activities necessary to achieve the project goals are planned and constantly monitored. The Project Manager is the link between the technical staff and the Client’s Architect, with whom he/she shares the architectural, strategic and economic objectives. The Project Manager is the Client’s main reference and he is responsible of the management of the whole process by controlling timing, budget and quality.

Your Principal Agent


Our Project/Construction Management Team is specifically created to promote the successful execution of capital projects for owners. These projects can be highly complex. Few owners maintain the staff resources necessary to pay close, continuing attention to every detail – yet these details can “make or break” a project. EDINSA Contracting & Renovations acts as the owner’s principal agent in the management of a construction project or program, providing the Project Manager, Superintendent, Project Engineer, Construction Quality Control System Manager, and Safety Manager to projects as needed.

Experience and Proven Systems


EDINSA Contracting & Renovations has a proven record of providing comprehensive Project/Construction Management for every stage of a project, which yields the greatest possible benefit to owners from our services. We have proven systems in place to achieve:

  • Optimum use of available funds
  • Control of the scope of the work
  • Realistic and effective Project scheduling
  • Optimum use of design and construction firms’ skills and talents
  • Seamless teamwork with subcontractors
  • Avoidance of delays, changes, and disputes
  • Enhanced project design and construction quality
  • Optimum flexibility in contracting and procurement

We take our client through each step of the construction process to give them an overview of the required details. During the construction of an EDINSA project, our clients rest easily by knowing that our team is completely familiar with their design needs.

All aspects of construction, from the initial contract to closing, are handled by EDINSA Contracting & Renovations.

Let EDINSA Contracting & Renovations turn your dreams into reality.


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