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To be the highest value provider of construction services and technical expertise.

Our goal is to create long-lasting relationships with owners in need of a company who can provide trustworthy construction services. We achieve this through fair pricing, transparency, and accountability. Plus, we bring in years of experience with a proven tracked record of outstanding construction projects for your peace of mind.  Although everything in construction is important, we believe that only through collaboration can we deliver your projects successfully.  With it, we strive to create a memorable experience within your projects.  From conception to delivery, we make every effort to be your one stop shop solution for your every project.

To meet your specific needs, we offer the following services:


Why is Our Process Good for You?

  1. Cost Savings
    • Our approach for Pre-construction Phase is Risk management and CPM Scheduling.

    – Review of construction drawings and specifications
    – Review of regulator and entitlement documents
    – Analysis of direct cost and contingency budgets
    – Review of agreements: design, construction and building loan
    – Review of construction and disbursement schedules
    – Advising on risk mitigation, such as bonding and SDI requirements
    – Preparation of a Construction Risk Assessment

    • In the Construction Phase we filter the best craft professionals. — Construction is complex by nature therefore finding and working with the best in the area is crucial for keeping our costs down and project deliverability to schedule. This, as you can imagine, is good for your interests because it lets you move on with your other projects, and because no one wants to be stuck needlessly in a construction job.

      – Monitor general compliance with contract documents
      – Track percentage of work-in-place and funds available to complete the project
      – Tracking of construction and disbursement schedules
      – Ongoing review of buyout status and letting of subcontracts
      – Change order and contingency budget analysis
      – Review of waivers of lien
      – Review of testing reports
      – Photographic documentation of progress
      – Preparation of Project Status Reports

      • Our approach on the Close-out Phase

        – Designers’ Certificates-of-Compliance
        – Final waivers of lien
        – Contractors’ Certificates-of-Completion
        – Temporary and permanent Certificates of Occupancy


        • Keep a close relationship with material vendors. — Passing on contractor pricing on materials to the owner is a gain to quality for it leaves space to add premium quality materials for your projects.
        • Years of accurate data for your specific needs. — Experience and data acquisition is everything in construction. Years of data is the difference between average contractors and the best contractors. Reliable data and experience are our strongest assets that we bring to your projects. But what gives our company an edge is that all our work comes with amazing customer service and good faith practices. Just ask around.


      1. Transparency
        • Our transparency starts with a two-way communication at all times. If you changed your mind about something defined on the planning stage, we make every effort to keep costs within the estimated ballpark.
        • Pricing breakdowns – On full projects, not services, we provide break-down estimates for your assurance. This lets you know everything that will go into your project and answer any concerns you might have. It is of great peace of mind to know exactly what you are paying for to minimize unforeseen situations.
        • Unbiased negotiations—We are here to support you every step of the way. Not everyone has the same goals and budgets. Therefore, we truly just want to get to hear you out when it comes to negotiating your contract. We are very flexible in this area, which is why we listen carefully to your situation and propose the best scenario by which you will best feel comfortable being in.
        • Proven track record—A form of transparency we believe in is showing you our work as proof that we care capable of handling your projects. We showcase our most important projects on our website for all. This way you can right away determine if we are a good fit for your projects.
      2. Simplicity
        • One point of contact. No need to coordinate with multiple trades. — Coordinating jobs is a time-consuming task. Everything from contacting every subcontractor to keeping track of their work is time burdensome if construction is not your primary source of income. Therefore, we do what we do, to provide you with our high-quality construction services but not stopping there, we guarantee them for your peace of mind.
      3. Trust
        • Competitive bids—Competitive bidding involves comparing statistical data with bids received from subcontractors to qualify the right subcontractor for a job. It also involves clearing up concerns and negotiating work related conditions that will keep costs down. Having both, statistical data and subcontractors willing to bid provides death on accurate bids that we pass on to you the project owner.
        • Low-cost Change Orders—In construction the unexpected happens every time. This unfortunately is inevitable, and the best way to minimize this is planning ahead. Why unexpected things happen? It is not because we fail to plan, it’s because we don’t plan for every worst-case scenario. If we did, we would not even get on our vehicles to drive to work. Instead, we plan for best-case scenario, meaning everything would go as planned. But when the unexpected happens, we pledge our integrity in keeping things to minimum costs.
        • Warranted Work in writing—One of the most important things in this industry is getting a warranty in writing to cover you from faulty work. We believe this is the minimum every contractor should offer; therefore, we offer it upfront without you making the effort of asking for it. We guarantee all our work for all provided services and materials.
        • Safety Excellence—Accidents happen all the time, specially in this industry. The first entity to be blamed for is the General Contractor in a project. Many General Contractors don’t implement safety practices because they come at a cost to the project. Many of them rather pocket this cost and silently pass on the risk to the owner. Therefore, we follow and enforced OSHA’s ever-changing guidelines for construction safety down to the letter.

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