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Why choose EDINSA Contracting & Renovations for your next Painting Project?


Fully Insured

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With so many features and options, we can tailor a service that’s right for you.  EDINSA Contracting & Renovations is a full-service painting company in Laredo, Texas exclusively for customers who want their options narrowed.  Customers who look for something different that is just not available elsewhere.  Yes, a unique experience without paying higher premiums.  Does it sound that we can help you?

Our Services

  • Waterproofing services
  • Deck & Floor Coatings
  • Intumescent Coatings
  • Tape & Float
  • Drywall Patching

  • Textures
  • Varnish
  • Staining
  • Polyurethane Coatings
  • Pressure washing

  • Popcorn Ceiling removal
  • Spray Painting
  • Caulking
  • Joint Sealants
  • Zero/VOC Coatings

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Safety & Ongoing Training

  • Materials may emanate vapors to dangerous levels
  • Air quality most be examined before entering a space.
  • Take steps to prevent unauthorized entry
  • Certified Scissors lift operators
  • Training on falling objects hazards
  • Remediation from material spills
  • PPE Inspection
  • Building structure inspections
  • Repaired components disallowed

10-hour training to all painters

Recognizing hazards

Protect all non construction workers

Lead exposure

Asbestos exposure


  • 3M Reusable respirators
  • Protects our painter’s health
  • Easy breathing technology and crew management
  • All jobs are inspected by a project manager

Who we serve?

Project Owners

Facility Managers

General Contractors



Multi-Family (Apartments & Condos)

Commercial Offices


Restaurant & Entertainment

Hospitality (Hotels / Motels / Family Entertainment)

Service Stations (Gas Stations / Travel Centers)


Municipal, County and State



Elderly Care / Assisted Living

Fire / Police


Project Solutions

Paint Removal


Paint Drip Splatters

Often times people hire the wrong painting contractors, and this results them in poor-quality jobs with paint drips in their windows, doors, or floors.  To help remedy other contractor’s work, we have implemented paint removal services as one of our solutions for anyone looking to remedy a poor job.

Remove Paint from Wood

Paint drip splatters are not the only paint removal services we offer.  If you allow us to get in the creative side of painting, we can use our skills to remove paint from kitchen cabinets, restroom cabinets, and furniture.  Removing paints is labor intensive and time consuming, and if done wrong, it can telegraph after paint coats are applied.

We can help you correct any past job, renovate wear and tear, or remedy moisture problems. Or if you simply would like to reveal wood-grain with a stain no problem, we can take care of you.

For residential customers who are looking to save a piece of furniture because it has sentimental value or because you want to experiment with furniture transformation, we can help you repurposed any piece of your furniture and refinish it to your liking.  Why would you want this? Because furniture designs are unique, and many furniture projects are just not cost feasible to replicate.  Or maybe you might just want to bring back the echo of the past your piece of furniture once had.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Why would you want to remove popcorn ceiling?  Because you might not like the texture anymore…

Or maybe a leak is forcing you to repair your ceiling, and while you are at it, you would like to change the texture to a more updated one.  Depending on your situation, many times it is a no brainer to replace the whole ceiling in small restroom drywall ceiling jobs.  But also considering that replacing drywall is labor intensive and heavy, an alternative to a faster and cost-effective solution is to repair damaged area and replace popcorn texture with a texture of your liking. 

New Construction

Ever since the company was created, we have mainly been servicing the commercial sector, meaning we don’t know how not to complete a job on time or not enough manpower to meet demand. EDINSA Contracting & Renovations is flexible enough to serve any sector, whether it be medical, industrial, or residential we keep the standard high on every painting project.

But the real the challenges of painting in New Construction do not arise due to the trade itself, but because other’s interests from other trades are involved as well.  This awareness helps us mold our strategies by planning in advance every project to minimize the fallbacks that come up in every painting job.

During our performance, we play well along with other trades to reach project objectives and to avoid conflicts.  And in some cases, if the overall project is at risk of not being able to meet schedule, we work it out with other trades to let them catch up. We either accelerate our pace of work or slow down strategically.

Shortage of skilled labor along with other variables are the reasons why it’s complicated to deliver projects successfully. At EDINSA Contracting & Renovations, we keep our painters busy year-round for your benefit. Plus, our painters are insured for every project.


Remodeling painting jobs have a special feeling to our company because many of them are done as an improvement to owner’s wall finishes, a serious matter to us.  But when it comes to remodels, time is always against us because people expect us to go in and out as soon as possible because installations are usually occupied. 

Many choose us because we can provide a flawless experience from start to finish.  This means dust levels to a minimum, hardly any noise, and daily cleanup in occupied spaces.

And also means we will deliver projects on time which gives you back control of your installations as planned.


Looking to update the look of your place?  Renovating your place is as easy as repainting your walls.  Renovations are just minor improvements you can make to your existing spaces.  For example, if you would like to remove wallpaper and have your walls be painted or change the color of your moldings that would enhance or bring back to life your space to your likings, this option is one of the most popular choices for an upgrade.     

The idea of renovating your place sounds attractive if you’re on a tight budget.  To make your spaces standout, you must be very careful in choosing the right color that will play well with the outcome you want to achieve.  The right color set can completely change the feel and look of a room.  By the same token, the wrong color set can make your rooms look not so well. 

Aside from renovating for personal desire, paint renovations are also a cost-effective solution if you’re planning to sell your property.  It’s a smart way to get the most value for your property with a minimum investment. 

For whatever the reason, we are help you get the most of your money’s worth.  We are here to walk you through a smooth experience in your next renovation project…

And rest assured we will be a one stop shop for whatever you need.

Painting Service Maintenance

Our Painting Service Maintenance division is our tailored solution to your workplace needs for upkeeping your commercial property.  Be it that you need warehouse line striping redone, repaint parking lot stripes, or simply repaint to regain a positive workplace environment, we have the right solution for you.

Everything has a life and after considerable signs of wear and tear can be seen, it’s time to look into solutions that can potentially extend the life of your assets.  We place much attention to this service since it serves for the purpose of upkeeping your commercial property to optimum conditions.  It’s a proven fact that a newly painted workplace boosts productivity by as much as 50% and this can be achieved without breaking the bank.

Pay attention to the upkeeping of your installations because it makes a strong statement to your employees, your clients, and your prospects.  Clean and perfect says you care! It’s in your best interest to have a place to the level it was designed to be.

Waterproofing and Sealing

Insurance Claims

Painting Project Ideas


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Garage Floor Epoxy

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Front Door

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