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Why do property owners choose us for their door needs?



The challenges that come with overhead doors are many, ranging from door size to emergencies.  We are here to give exceptional service to get you up and running.  To provide you with great service, we strive to grow strong partnerships with major door suppliers to offer you the best solutions for your immediate needs.  Servicing home and business owners alike have allowed our experts to gather the know-how needed to offer you the best door service available. We’re proud to serve our customers in Laredo and surrounding areas.


We have made a strong name for ourselves for a reputation to deliver service on time, especially on emergencies.   The most liked feature of our service is that we stand behind our work.  This is something many recurring customers seek because they know that they will not experience any issues with us fulfilling warranties.  It gives them a sense of feeling that whatever they spend or invest is worth the last penny.

  • Free Assessments
  • Quick turnarounds
  • Peace of mind
  • Cost Effective
  • Solution Driven
  • Warranted work

Our Door Services

Preventive Maintenance Services

How many times have you had issues with your dock doors?  Even worse, how long do you wait for someone to get their hands on your door?


Fortunately, we can reduce these incidents from happening too often.  This is called preventive maintenance.  Think of preventive maintenance as an oil change to your car.  What happens if you don’t change the oil?  Well, there is build up that decreases the life of your motor causing it to fail, eventually.  The same is with your doors.  It needs preventive maintenance to keep your doors running smoothly over time and usage. 

Preventive maintenance will guarantee the ideal task of your business overhead doors.  The best way to circumvent large-scale repairs of your dock doors is to opt in to our schedule maintenance program.  A scheduled service to your dock doors will save you money in the long run.  For example, getting your doors check and having accurate data on the conditions of your doors is far more beneficial than costly repairs.   Often, the only thing required is for a door company to service your doors on a schedule basis.

The other side of the coin involves the safety issue.  Doors weigh at least 500 pounds and when they break down, they could harm someone to even resulting in death.  It is therefore crucial to keep a safe working environment at all times.  If you own or manage a facility with limited doors, you will know how crucial it’s having your doors check and maintained on a schedule basis.


Our Preventive Maintenance Services consists of:
  • Oiling rollers
  • Tighten Loose Hardware
  • Check Metal Tracks
  • Clean tracks
  • Replace damaged hinges & rollers
  • Test for door balance

Overhead Door Repair Services

Let’s not alarm ourselves and face for a fact that all Dock doors at some point during its life will fail.  And when the unexpected happens, do you have a plan?  We are here to help you get your door fixed with our door repair services.  Our skilled technicians are ready to work for you, often completing most repairs within the same visit.  As a result, you can expect a quick turnaround for your operations to normalize. 

With our services, we keep our costs constant throughout the year.  This means that the cost to you doesn’t fluctuate because of a peak season. So doubt not to always pay market price regardless and expect us soon for any repair. 

With this in mind, let us introduce to you our door repair services:


  • Drums
  • Loose cables
  • Rollers
  • Panel Replacements
  • Broken torsion spring replacements
  • Chains
  • Tracks
  • Shafts
  • Door balance
  • Door malfunctioning

Reactive Maintenance Services

There are times during your operations that the unexpected happens.  Your door cables break on the opening or closing of your dock door.  Unfortunately, there is no way to determine when your door cables will break loose and this might prevent your door from closing.  If it happens early during the day, we make our best efforts to send a technician to your facility and start on your repair.  But how do you respond when this happens after hours?

We offer reactive maintenance for after-hours emergencies to help you with at least closing your door.  Then depending on the situation, we might offer you a solution the next day. 

Door Replacement Services

Little by little doors get worn out and dented causing them to break loose from cables or tracks but repairable.  After a month of use, they might break loose again.  As a result, you call someone again you need to call someone to fix it.  Most often, it’s until the third time you call someone to repair it when you notice a pattern that something is not right.

Here, it’s most probable normal wear and tear on doors have exceeded to a point where it needs replacement.  It is crucial that we replace your existing door with the right configuration.  Replacement is not as easy as just choosing a style.  It involves engineering to choose the right springs for your new door. We carry most commercial and residential brands available.

Other Premium Services

Door Openers

Door Openers are among the niceties of the garage door industry offering many benefits to its users.   One main benefit is the convenience to the user.  No longer do you need to be near the operator to open or close your garage door.  You can now control them via an app wherever you are in the world.

Our team of technicians are ready to offer you expert advice on your current installations.  From fitting your budget needs to narrowing your options with our experience.  Our bottom line is to get you the best for bang for your buck.

Control Equipment

Automatic door openers operate with control equipment.  

Modernization & upgrades

Seals & Shelters


Outstanding Customer Service

We have seen how this service has been inefficient in terms of customer service, as there isn’t enough manpower to meet with the demand for this service.  For this reason, we stepped in to raise the standard in service and performance.  Demand for quick turnarounds at competitive prices is crucial to most warehouses.  Our focus is to partner with our customers and build trust with them to offer accurate reporting on all aspects of their doors.  Because their doors are in constant use, wear and tear comes to them faster than expected.  Warehouses with limited doors are more likely to need a prompt service when their doors break or get damaged.  To them, it’s crucial to keep their doors well maintained and operational as they rely on their doors being operational for their operations.

Most of our competitors in the area are fairly good in servicing doors.  We stepped back a little to think on how we can improve what others are already doing.  For this purpose, our approach is to offer exclusiveness and promptness of service through our preventive maintenance program.  Not only do customers receive a better service, but they also can circumvent large-scale repairs.  This alone gives them back more control of their operations.

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