Commercial Remodeling Contractor

Commercial Remodeling Overview
Shocking Statement: Did you know commercial remodeling is the best solution when facing multiple building component issues at your property? When you add up all the individual repairs, it might surprise you to find out that in many cases it is more expensive to repair than to do a complete commercial remodel on a per unit basis.
Problem: Commercial Remodeling is a complex business and knowing the trade takes years of experience. The industry itself faces challenges for shortage of labor and volatile pricing fluctuations. In addition, putting a project together is also a tough task to do: from hiring the right subcontractors and keeping costs competitive to managing all aspects of construction.

To confront these challenges that the industry naturally poses to anyone with a construction project in hand, they tempt many to award the lowest bidder to reduce costs and at the same time pass on liability of the commercial construction project to the lowest bidder. However, this might seem a logical choice, but too many times this has resulted in undesired results: project delays, unforeseen costs, poor quality, safety issues, and poor performing contractors. In many cases, work needs to be redone. Unfortunately, many learn this lesson the hard way.

Always seek for a commercial remodeling contractor to help you with your commercial remodeling projects.

As a commercial remodeling contractor, here are a few solutions for your commercial remodeling projects:

  • Project documentation
  • Written warranties on all projects
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Scheduling
  • Project Management
  • Project Closeout
  • Contract Management

Examples of Typical Commercial Remodeling Projects

Roofing: Every building needs a roof but not all roofs are built the same. This means they have different life spans and knowing when to replace them is key to your bottom line. So, do you repair, or do you replace? These are the most common concern every building owner has. It really requires of thorough knowledge of the roofing industry to select the right roofing system for your needs, especially the new technologies that will not only be suitable for your roofing needs but also be installation friendly. This means your operations will not be interrupted while we replace your roof.

Ceiling Tile: Ceiling tiles are one of the most common ceiling options preferred by building owners for their convenient design and immediate access to concealed fire and plumbing pipes, electrical conduit, and HVAC duct work. The convenience of using this ceiling option is that they are replaceable by anyone. But everything has a life in construction and replacing them to enliven a room with a new ceiling design is far more common than you would think otherwise. Typically, our ceiling tile services come bundled with a remodeling project, but we also offer this service for your convenience.

Flooring: Flooring remodeling is the most difficult part of any occupied premise. This is because we need to walk through the office to get to our places of work and because we need to remove existing furniture out of the way to install flooring. Because of this everyone in the building experiences some type of stress due to feeling crammed. But the reality is that with so many flooring options available in the market, it’s hard to say no to redoing an entire floor. With a well thought out plan, we can reduce your stress to make it attractive to get what you want effectively.

Wall Paint: Walls are probably the component of a building that take on the most beating. People in a building just come, go, move things in and out of the building without paying much attention to how they do these activities. The results after time are wall and paint getting damaged and after many are done, many building owners opt to repair and repaint walls as a maintenance service they budget at the beginning of their financial year every so many years. When this happens, they often choose to change to a different color to give their space a renovated feel of progress.

Putting in it all together: Putting a full remodeling project together takes experience and attention to detail for a smooth experience. We at EDINSA Contracting & Renovations start by addressing all your needs and plan well every detail to turn in an outstanding project. We’ll manage it all for you, from design to a turnkey product, we commit ourselves to the highest standards for your peace of mind. Above all our mission is to give you back what you pay for; that is to hand you back your installations with a new fresh start to keep your employees motivated.